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Welcome to the self help section of the website that explores the nature of human endeavors and the varying scale of determination and motivation present in different people to achieve their goals in life!

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There is a billion dollar industry that has grown up around the personal development movement, with sales of books, video courses and live lectures and seminars bringing in an enviable income for the experts in the field.

How can any of this help you, if you're currently trapped in a way of life that you want desperately to break free from, but don't know how to?

That's what this site is here to do!

What Does "Self Help" Mean?

It basically means taking action to improve your "self" and the position in life you currently occupy.

Lasting change can be difficult to achieve. That's because many of our habits are very deeply ingrained, while certain of our core personality attributes may actually be immutable.

However, all habits and personal character traits can be changed to varying degrees, when you put your mind to it and take action to make it happen. It's never too late to change!

With some effort and determination, it is actually possible to become the person you truly want to be, or at the very least, a person close to that ideal.

Goal Setting and Achievement

A good place to begin is to set self-help goals. To do that, you should start with identifying your needs.

Try answering these specific and broad questions:

  1. What do you want to change?
  2. What must you do to bring about that change?
  3. What are your short-term goals?
  4. What are your long-term goals?
  5. How realistic and achievable are your goals?
  6. What resources do you have available to you to help you reach your goals?

It always helps to write down a list of the benefits you will enjoy from achieving your goals, as you'll use this for motivation. It is also a good idea to set a time frame for achieving both short-term and long-term goals.

Remember to be flexible in your approach, because goals can change as you change.

What Do You Really Want?

Setting goals has another aspect that not too many people consider. That is the kind of goals that you actually, really want.

Before you can set and go chasing those goals, you first have to define what it is that you really want. By that I mean you need to get specific.

What do you want?

If it's a large amount of money, don't just go on wishing for a stack of cash. Get specific and make it an exact amount.

If you want the law of attraction to manifest a million dollars for you, write down that your goal is to be in possession of a million dollars.

When do you want it?

Make that specific too. If you want a million dollars, when do you want it by? Make it real and don't just write down something extremely unlikely, like next week or tomorrow like you're dreaming of winning the lottery or something.

If you intend working toward earning that million dollars, write down when you expect to have achieved success and have earned it in its entirety.

Maybe it will take you a year to earn it. Maybe two years. You decide what you believe you can do it in and write that down!

Write it down on a piece of paper and put it somewhere you will see it every day. Make it real and achievable, as mentioned above but also make it so that when you achieve it, you will feel absolutely amazing!

Support and Acceptance

Just because it is called "self help," it doesn’t necessarily mean you must go it alone. There are many mutual support groups available to help with all manner of everyday problems and frustrations.

You can reach out to help with priorities such as physical health and weight control, mental health, aging, healing, bereavement, parenting, career change, and addiction-related recovery. This is not only to provide yourself with like-minded companionship and encouragement, but also to help gain knowledge and direction from experts, peers and professional leaders.

Personal characteristics, quirks and individual traits are all catered for along with the nature and severity of whatever problem you need to have addressed will contribute in some way to the effectiveness of any self-help plan.

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