Three Words that Block Attraction

If you have been trying unsuccessfully to manifest your desires, you could be unwittingly uttering the three words that block attraction and nullify the law itself!

three words that block attraction

I'm sure you are already forming questions in your mind about this right now. Like, for instance:

Let's investigate this phenomenon and find solutions that you can put to use right away to re-energize your power of attraction and start to manifest your desires unhindered.

How Can Words...?

While it is our thoughts that govern what our bodies do as well as our emotions and in response to how we feel, how we act, it is our words that have a surprising amount of power to dictate what we attract and what we repel in our lives.

Words have power because they are the physical manifestations of our thoughts!

Our five senses do a great job of alerting our brains to what is going on around us, but they're not the whole story. While you can't exactly see, touch, smell or taste words, you sure as anything can hear them!

What you hear is picked up by your brain via the auditory nerve and translated into mental pictures that affect how you feel and how you act (or don't act).

A spoken word carriers with it a frequency that magnifies its interpreted meaning that not only registers as a mental image but also triggers an emotional response. Emotions control how we feel and how we feel controls what we do.

What Are the Words?

The three words are surprisingly common terms in our vocabulary. Their use is not always what we interpret them as being.

Those words are:

  1. Want (used as ″I want″)
  2. Past (used as ″in the past″
  3. But (used after a statement to induce an alternate direction)

How The Three Words Work Against Us

Now let's look at how these three words work against us when we're trying to invoke the Law of Attraction to help us to manifest something in our lives.


i wantWhen we state that we want something, what we're really doing is affirming that we don't have it and that is interpreted as ″lack.″

When we are in a state of lack, the mechanism of attraction breaks down. The only way to attract something we desire is to be in a state of believing it is already here in the present or in the ″now.″

By saying (or even worse, by writing it down and then saying) ″I want...″ blocks the path of attraction by creating a state of lack as ″I don't have...″

How to Overcome Want

The way to overcome the state of lack created by the word ″want″ is to state its polar opposite:

″I am grateful″

When you express gratitude for something, you place yourself in the space of already having received it. That is the opposite of lack and because the state is now abundance, the power of attraction is much stronger.

In the Past

When you place your thoughts in the past, it is usually for one or other reason.

Either you are remembering a happy time you experienced, which is absolutely fine to do.

Or you are putting yourself back in a previous experience that you were not happy with and would like to have fixed.

The second reason is often the most common. There is something about human nature and in particularly our internal, mental self-speak or inner conversation with ourselves that puts us back in a past event and we try to resolve it in our heads.

This is pointless, as waste of mental energy and self-destructive all in one!

For starters, we cannot travel back in time to make certain events go a different way. What happened, happened and there is nothing we can do to change it!

To expend valuable mental energy on trying to fix something that doesn't even exist any more is wasteful and counter-productive. It also blocks our ability to attract what we really desire in the now, because if our mental energy is not in the now, we can't attract anything in the now.

How to Overcome the Past

The way to overcome this wasteful and destructive habit of placing our mental energy in the past to try to re-play events in the way we wish they had gone (in our favour) is this:

Stop seeing every past event as a failure or something that should be fixed!

To do that, instead of viewing each event in a bad light, change your mental aspect and see each event as a lesson or a test that you had to learn or pass. The reality is that everything we go through in our lives is a series of tests to help us learn by our mistakes.

When we can change our perspective of our past events and see them as valuable stepping stones along the path of life, we can begin to see their true value. Not as failures, but as valuable lessons.


This last word is a real problem for many people. It raises its ugly head every time we are unsure of ourselves or lack firm decision-making qualities.

It's like a get-out clause for anything we try to force ourselves to commit to.

Some examples would be something along the lines of,

″Sure I'd love to have lunch with you, BUT I have a meeting in half an hour...″ or

″I could easily help you with your homework, BUT the dog needs to go for his walk now...″

The word ″but″ allows us to dodge the bullet or get out of committing to doing something by providing us with an alternative action. It blocks attraction and manifestation because it creates a situation where we are never going to take action because it provides us with a justifiable avoidance clause.

How to Overcome ″But″

To overcome the ″never going to happen″ scenario that the word ″but″ provides us with, the most effective way is to stop stressing over having to commit to doing a certain action or sequence of actions to bring about the result you desire.

Remember, the Law of Attraction does not respond to force or manipulation on your part. You are not responsible for setting out how something is going to to come to you.

Your are only responsible for:

The rest is up to the universe to make things happen and create success!

Now you can stop being concerned about what you have to do and finding excuses to get out of doing things that might seem to difficult for you. The hard part is taken care of by circumstances that will swing into action to satisfy your desire.

It happens because you asked for it, your believed you already possessed it and you expressed gratitude for receiving it.

That's the Law of Attraction in action and when you really get it, you really get it!