The Law of Attraction

Let's talk about the Law of Attraction, what it is and how it can be incorporated into your life to improve almost any aspect of your life that you wish to.

ask with your heart
There are so many things that can affect the way we go through our lives that we are unsure of or completely unaware of.

This very special law is one that is now known about by many people, but is still largely misunderstood by a large percentage of those people. It's not for want of trying, either.

There are a number of prominent teachers that have a good understanding of what the law is and how it works to some degree. Some have become almost household names in certain circles thanks to their willingness to share their knowledge.

Yet even with what we believe we know up to this point, we as the human race still don't fully know it all. At least not yet.

What is the Law of Attraction?

What I can share with you is what I know about this law and to help with my explanation, I will also share how I have got it working in my own life to some of attraction

Before I get started, I want to point out that there are no known absolutes with regard to the mechanics of this law or even if it is an actual law, as we know the Law of Gravity to be as defined in our knowledge of physics and science.

Is There Proof?

Because of this, you need to accept that because it is not fully proved scientifically (beyond any shadow of a doubt), there are no actual expert scholars in the field. Nobody say that they have all the answers or can refute any claims made by anyone who is not a scholarly expert in this subject.

What we do have is the next best thing to experts. These are people, like myself, that have learned as much as can be learned about the law of Attraction from the existing facts and continue to learn more as more information is revealed about it.

Always Learning

In other words, becoming proficient in the knowledge of the Law of Attraction is an on-going labor of love that may likely take more than a human lifetime to fully absorb, understand and know.

So, here's the next-best-thing explanation of what is so far understood about what the Law of Attraction actually is:

An Almost Physical Law

The Law of Attraction is closely related to the Law of Vibration, which governs how, at the atomic level, all things in existence are made up of energy that is constantly vibrating at varying frequencies.

The frequency of an energy form can change depending on external forces that are exerted upon it.


Everything is energy, including everything from waves of light, sound, radio waves, to heat, air, water and solid rock or metal. Us living things that inhabit the planet Earth are also made up of energy fields.

We can see how the frequency of a certain energy field can change, for example how when you heat water it turns to steam. And we can measure that frequency with scientific instruments.

Our thoughts and emotions are also energy fields and their frequencies can be measured.

Thoughts Are Things

That means when we think of something and it causes us to experience a related emotion, we are effectively changing our thought frequency and with it, the frequency that our physical body corresponds to.

Since our thoughts are energy and our brains are electrical centers of activity, we do actually transmit our thoughts outside of our heads as energy at whatever frequency they are currently vibrating at.

The amazing thing is that our brains are also receiving transmissions from other brains, which is why we often feel empathy with another person who is experiencing strong emotions.

Like Attracts Like

We also know that energy vibrating at a certain frequency will attract energy vibrating at the same frequency. Like attracts like!

Taken one step further, since our thought transmissions can be received by others, particularly those who are operating at the same frequency as us.

That's why groups of people tend to gravitate together when they're all ″on the same wavelength″ as the saying so aptly describes. What's really happening is people thinking and feeling the same or similar thoughts and emotions will attract each other, while people thinking and feeling differently will unconsciously push each other away.

people who are strangers will find themselves inexplicably drawn together when they're all on that same wavelength. Actually, most people can probably recall this happening at one time or another.

How to Use the Law of Attraction

Taken even further down the road of strangeness, it is even conceivable that we are able to influence our own outcomes by taking control of our thoughts and emotions so that we can attract certain people or circumstances to us of our choosing.

This concept is not so outlandish, when you think back to your own experiences in life. Have you ever had an event happen to you that you we ″sure″ was going to happen?

For example, a common occurrence is when someone who is about to climb a ladder has a feeling they might fall off and then it happens! Guard Your Thoughts

What was really happening was not just a chance occurrence.

When you get the idea you are going to, for example fall off a ladder or trip over a toy a child has left laying around and it happens for real, you could argue that you caused it to happen because your thoughts send out the transmission of your fears into the ether and circumstances moved to comply with what could only be described as your wishes!

You see, when we transmit a thought or feeling, we should expect to attract a like experience thanks to the Law of Attraction. It doesn't discriminate whether you actually want something to happen or not.

If you're thinking it, it happens!

At least, it generally happens as long as you're mixing a strong emotion with the thought. And this is where we can learn to make use of this law to our advantage.

Really Using the Law of Attraction

Take some of your very own past experiences with how this has undoubtedly worked in your own life. I'll give you some examples of my own.

Many years ago, I was in the position where I had lost my job and was starting out on my own one-man business. Money was tight to begin with and I gave into the fear that I wouldn't have enough to meet an outstanding bill.

Even though I had booked some work that would have paid enough to cover the bill and leave some extra for other things, my fear took over where logical thinking would have been better. The job bookings were cancelled at the last minute, I failed to make the money and I couldn't pay the bill.

Although I didn't know it at the time, this was the Law of Attraction giving me what it appeared I wanted the most.

Energized Thought Frequency

I had energized my thoughts of not having the money to pay the bill with a strong emotion of fear. Without knowing it, I was actually asking to not have the money to pay the bill!

That frequency of vibration in thought and emotional form was transmitted out to the universe and it gave me back exactly what I was asking for!

But I hear you say, ″You surely did not want to NOT have the money!″

You'd be perfectly correct. However, the emotion of fear mixed with the predominant thought of not having the money was what I was transmitting, even though what I wanted was the exact opposite!

The Law of Attraction was not at fault. It was actually working exactly the way it should, by giving me what was uppermost in my thoughts (not having the money).

The law does not employ the same reasoning our minds to when we're asking for something. It just causes an attraction between like frequencies.

Knowing this, we can turn things around, as I later discovered I was able to do.

How to Win with the Law of Attraction

Knowing how to use the law destructively, by fearing and fretting about what you do not want to happen to bring about what you don't want, you can turn it around by exerting some mental control.

Instead of wishing and praying for something good while at the same time crying and fearing you'll get something bad, change the modus operandi from negative to positive.

Think about how excited and happy you'd be while in possession of the thing you want with in the moment, while imagining it being in your possession in the moment.

Tip: When you think a happy thought, your emotional state generally mirrors that thought and you feel happy.

Tip: When you think about how grateful you are for receiving the thing you want, your emotional state reflects that and you feel that gratitude.

Combine those two concepts and see what happens!

Why it Works

When you think about expressing gratitude for something while imagining how happy you are, even before you have physically received it, you create the associated emotional state. These are combined and expressed in a frequency that is transmitted out to the ether.

The ether will respond the only way it can, by mirroring the circumstances that generated that expression of happiness and gratitude. You will get what you truly want!

As long as you work on that like you would a project, by making a point of taking control of your thoughts regularly and often to think and feel gratitude and happiness, the circumstances that will bring what you want to you will manifest. It might not happen right away, which is why you need to keep working at it. But if you do, then it will happen when the time is right.

I know that last paragraph can appear a little insubstantial because there are no definite constraints to getting what you are asking for, but there is an element of inexactness to this (pseudo)science.

While I know it works because I have made use of it personally, that doesn't mean the guy standing next to me has or may ever do. Unless you are willing to put this into action regardless of whether you believe it or not, you will only ever get back what you give out.

You get to choose whether you will embrace this law and put it to work for you, or you will refute it and allow it to go on working without direction on your life.

That's because the Law of Attraction is always working whether you know it or not or whether you direct it into a definite channel of action or allow it to run your life for you. Your choice!

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