FLY (First Love Yourself) Purely

Learning to love yourself purely and completely is the first step to finding fulfilment in life.

Welcome to FLY (First Love Yourself) Purely!

The world is waking up to our power as conscious creators. we are becoming aware of the lies and deceit, but do not fear as we take responsibility for promoting the health, happiness, and freedom for ourselves, our planet and our children.

We are shedding the false layers of lies and fears we have accumulated growing up in this world by shining our truth, love, and awareness.first love yourself

"Learning to love yourself purely and completely is the first step to finding fulfilment in life."

"First Loving Yourself is a journey, a process. It's a learned way of life. But it's the only authentic, truly rewarding way of life."
— FLY Purely (First Love Yourself)


The essence of education is not to transfer knowledge;
it is to guide the learning process, to put responsibility
for study into the students' own hands.

It is not the piecemeal merchandising of information;
it is the bestowal of keys that allow people to unlock
the vault of knowledge on their own.

It does not consist of pilfering the intellectual property
amassed by others through no additional effort of one's own;
it would rather place people on their own
path of discovery and invention.

"It's all good. all of it. what you don't understand, you someday will. And you will feel the peace of it all. The peace of your past and your future and your now. Your now is all there is. That peace in the now is the truth underneath everything."

"I guess I'm okay with being 'no good' at the 'normal' stuff out there-
the TV shows and sports and forced, empty words exchanged
perfectly in sync with scripted body language. it has been sad and lonely journey- a seemingly
awful waste of life at times, baring such oddness in my mouth-

But moments of bliss and truth are sweet treats
comfortably indulged in and swallowed with ease as
my soul trains me towards authenticity

And I know that I can live no other way"

It's time to take the most challenging journey there is... from head to heart!
— (First Love Yourself)

Thoughts Create Emotions

Moving on to the subject of emotions, it is not as widely realized as it should be that a large percentage of the time our emotions are instigated and created by what we are thinking about.

Of course, sometime our own primal instincts kick in and generate certain emotions that exist to help us to survive. For instance, if we are physically threatened by a predator, the emotion of fear is instantaneous and necessary to flip the switch that turns us into fight or flight mode.

But mostly, it is our predominant thoughts that initiate how we feel (see: and what we feel is driven by our emotional state.

For instance, if we are thinking about something happy and uplifting, we feel happy and positive. On the contrary, if we are thinking about something sad and depressing, we feel similarly sad and depressed.

The Body Frequency

Our bodies are not solid as our senses tell us, but are instead a mass of energy that vibrates on a frequency that matches our emotional state.

There are good frequencies (see: that promote good physical and mental health and there are bad frequencies that degrade the body and invite illness in.

Hanging on to mental scenarios that do not benefit us can affect us physically as well as emotionally. For instance, if we are carrying on an inner conversation or monologue over something that happened to us that made us angry and vengeful, this creates an angry emotional state that negatively affects our bodies right at the cellular level.

It is well known that chronic stress is responsible for many types of physical illness. A big driver of stress is our inner mental conversation with ourselves when it is predominantly negative.

It is quite amazing to realize that we can enjoy much better health just by training our thoughts to focus on the good rather than the bad. A big part of that process can happen easily when we've learned to love ourselves!