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evolving, expanding, resonating, growing up and down this roller coaster of life, opening, blooming, unfolding. life is simple. you don't have to be anything other than what you already are! relax into that and embrace your feelings with the love of your being. screw self help. you are already enough exactly as you are! don't abandon yourself when you are experiencing darkness, it's time to be unconditionally loving to yourself! (this is what we've always wanted from others, afterall) we turn into what we tune into... drown in loving, positive influences (there is too much criticism/negativity in the world bombarding us. we must actively seek out things that resonate with our souls who know that we are whole and complete yet never completed- we are adventuring through life, expanding and embracing life wherever we are, however we're feeling). where attention goes, energy flows! you have had the power all along. the power to focus, to attract, to change the world with every beat of your heart. trust yourself first and foremost! love, amanda
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