FLY (First Love Yourself) purely

the world is waking up to our power as conscious creators. we are becoming aware of the lies and deceipt, but do not fear as we take responsibility for promoting the health, happiness, and freedom for ourselves, our planet, and our children. we are shedding the false layers of lies and fears we have accumulated growing up in this world by shining our truth, love, and awareness.  
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  • “ Sadly, to “make it” in the Illuminati industry, stars must sell their bodies and give up their soul. This process is celebrated in these videos and sold to young girls around the world. Furthermore, as the MK symbolism of the videos subtly imply, these artists who “made it” are not in control of what’s happening – they’re actually slaves to their owners. Britney Spears’ life is probably the most transparent case of a pop star under heavy mind control. In a rare moment of clarity, Britney went on record and stated that Work B*tch went too far and was too sexual. However, she did it anyway … because Beta slaves do not call the shots in their own lives. What did Britney’s handlers tell her when she was opposed working on that video? “You better work b*tch”. ”

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